Service Spotlight: WHOlives

Over the past year, I have had the opportunity to partner with WHOlives and have become incredibly passionate about what they do. WHOlives provides drills to build clean water wells for people suffering from water poverty all over the world. I was able to travel with the founders of this fantastic organization to Uganda, Africa to see the drill in action and understand on a deeper level what the village drill does. 

Water poverty is something that I had never seen or really thought about before. I had seen poverty, but not like this. Everything in life revolves around water. Having an education, working, and volunteering all rely on having clean and accessible water. Without it, society cannot stand. It was life-changing to understand how lucky we really are to simply have clean, and accessible water. 

The WHOlives mission statement says,

Water is a basic human need. Without it, survival is not possible. Yet, in 2019, more than 1 billion people still wake up each morning without access to clean water. This means that millions of vulnerable families around the world do not drink, cook, or bathe with clean water — a basic natural resource that we too often take for granted. For most rural schools and communities, access to clean water depends on outside NGOs (nonprofit organizations) purchasing or “giving” a well. However, there are millions of schools and communities that do not have access to nonprofit agencies or local government support. We must then ask ourselves: “How can we make water available for all?” Something must be done. 

Something must be done, and we can do it. Just $5 gives one child water for life. Just $5,000 provides a community with a drill that can drill endless wells with each providing thousands of individuals with clean water for life.

Watch my interview with WHOlive’s founder John Renouard below.