The Miss Utah Sponsors of My Dreams

1. Murdock Hyundai

What they do: Supply me with a means of transportation for my entire term as Miss Utah. Every 3,000 miles I get to trade in each car for a new one. If there are any issues with the car, they’re happy to fix or deal with any and all repairs.

Jesse Craig in front of Hyundai Santa Fe
Me and one of Murdock’s Santa Fe’s that I drove and named Stormy!

My experience: Murdock has been supplying Miss Utahs with a means of transportation for the past TEN years! The Murdock family is always so friendly and generous. They’ve also invited me to help out with holiday events, and even hosted a meet and greet. Whenever I switch out cars, they are so quick and efficient. They always have a freshly cleaned car with a full gas tank ready and waiting for me. My favorite car this year? Definitely the Sonatas, hands down! 

2. Ottalaus Salon

Me with the lovely ladies of Ottalaus Salon.

What they do: Supply me with full salon services for my entire year as Miss Utah.

My experience: I love Ottalaus! The staff is comprised of beautiful, genuine, and kind women who are so easy to talk to. Whether I’m getting my hair, nails, or waxing done, their work is always of the highest quality.

When I leave Ottalaus, I never want to wash my hair because it’s so soft and smells so good, my nails look professional and never chip, and waxing is quick and less painful.

3. Faces Photography

One of my favorite pictures from my photoshoot with Chad at Faces Photography!

What they provide: Gorgeous photoshoots throughout my Miss Utah term.

My experience: Chad is phenomenal. He is so versatile and creative. He can do anything from classy headshots to low-lit modeling shots. He always nails the perfect lighting and then provides a wide variety of shots to choose from. The pictures are always breathtaking and of the highest quality.


4. Presley Orthodontics

My teeth are always sparkling after treatments at Morgan and Presley Dental.

What they provide: Full dental services for my Miss Utah term.

My experience: Morgan and Presley are so kind! They always make sure I’m comfortable. Whether it’s a cleaning, teeth whitening, or more, they always do such a fabulous job. They are so supportive of pageant women and their continued support means the world!

5. Emily Lesher Photography

Shooting with Emily Lesher in her Salt Lake City studio.

What they provide: Stunning photoshoots throughout my Miss Utah term.

My experience: Emily is a genius. Throughout the shooting experience, she constantly builds you up with compliments and kindness. She always guides you with posing and creates a variety of shots to choose from. She is quick and efficient, the photos capture your inner essence, and they always turn out beautifully.

6. Beaches Tanning Center

Me with a member of the Beaches staff.

What they provide: Free tanning services for a year!

My experience: I love going to Beaches for tanning. The spray tans last for typically a week and are the best quality: they’re so even and always have a great tone. The staff always have great attitudes and make the process quick and easy!



7. Veronica Michaels Bridal

This floral printed dress is one of my favorites from Veronica Michaels.

What they provide: Gowns, earrings, and appearance wardrobe.

My experience: Leslie at Veronica Michaels is lovely. She is so easy to work with and has such positive energy! The dresses are so classic and work for a variety of events. What’s even better is that Leslie does alterations so the dresses always fit perfectly!

8. Ypsilon Dresses

What they provide: Gowns, earrings, and other wardrobe!

My blue gown from Ypsilon Dresses is one of my all-time favorites!

My experience: Ypsilon is fantstic. Andrea, Brynn, and the staff are so supportive and easy to work with. When I’ve needed dresses for photo shoots or even for a last minute appearance, they’ve always helped me out.

I also love how attentive Ypsilon is in finding dresses that fit your personal style. When you arrive, they ask you your favorite colors and style preferences, then select dresses to try on that match your description. The dresses are always beautiful quality and stunning.

9. VASA Fitness 

My workout crew at VASA with my personal trainer!

What they provide: A year-long membership including personal training services.

My experience: I love VASA. It has a great atmosphere and so many different types of equipment to use. My favorites are the stairclimber, free weights section, and the grassy area perfect for ab exercises. My personal trainer was so kind, helpful, and intent on making sure I had proper form.  I go almost every day and am so grateful for their support of the Miss Utah Organization.

10. Regalia Magnificient Apparel

What they provide: Miss America competition wardrobe.

Trying my dress on at Regalia for the very first time.

My experience: Dave and Carry at Regalia are the dynamic duo. They take the time to get to know you and ask what your vision is. They make you feel important and let you take your time to find your ideal Miss America gown. They had so many beautiful gowns it was hard to choose, but my black ballgown will always be my favorite.

11. Crowns and Gowns

Performing on the Miss Utah stage in my jumpsuit from Crowns and Gowns.

What they provide: Beautiful dresses and wardrobe!

My experience: The Crowns and Gowns team are so kind and helpful. If you have a different vision, they are happy to help you find the outfit of your dreams and are so persistent about it. The dresses are always stunning and they are always looking to keep up with the latest fashions.

12. Spa Trouve

Receiving a treatment at Spa Trouve!

What they provide: Skin and spa treatments for the entire duration of Miss Utah.

My experience: Spa Trouve is the best. The staff is always so friendly and accommodating — the first thing I’m asked when I walk in the door is “Hey! How are you? Can we get you some water?”

Sami is the esthetician who works with me and she is incredible at what she does. Sami is always very attentive to my skin’s needs. She personalizes my treatments to my skin and what I’m willing to try. Some of my favorite treatments have been micro needling and hydrafacials.

13. Shine Cosmetics

Me with the beautiful Shine ladies. 

What they provide: Makeup products for my term as Miss Utah.

My experience: Shine makes me shine. My first experience with Shine was visiting them for a makeover experience and I ended up having a very uplifting conversation with the female staff. I always leave Shine feeling so good and the makeup products are second to none.

Each product has positive names like “Integrity” and “Honor” and they are fabulous. My favorite product is their “Timeless” LipLast and I use it on my lips just about every day.




14. MOB Fashion Boutique 

Hanging out with my Miss America sisters while wearing one of my favorite MOB hoodies.

What they provide: Clothing for my term as Miss Utah.

My experience: I love MOB Fashion Boutique’s clothes. My favorite is their hoodies which are so comfortable! They also have very comfortable pajamas and sweaters!







15. Red Aspen

What they provide: Eyelashes, Nail Dashes (glue-on nails), and makeup products for my term as Miss Utah.

Wearing Red Aspen’s “Bella” lashes and their red matte lip color.

My experience: Red Aspen is phenomenal. The staff is so easy to work with and have always sent me their latest products to try out. Their eyelashes are the best I’ve ever had! They look natural but also make your lashes look so beautiful and full!

I use their Nail Dashes on a regular basis because it’s so easy to glue them on (especially if you don’t have time for a manicure). I truly love all their products and honestly use them every single day. My favorite lashes are the “Bella” lashes, and my favorite Nail Dashes are the “Kristen Won the Orchid Crown” dashes.