The Davis Journal: Miss Utah uses her title to bring about change for refugees

WOODS CROSS—The current Miss Utah is more than just a pretty face. Woods Cross grad Sasha Sloan is using her title to help bring to light the plight of refugees and the challenges they face.

“I want to educate native Utahns about what it’s like to be a refugee and the conflicts around the world,” said Sloan. “I want to get rid of xenophobia and misconceptions surrounding refugees, especially women and girls. I want them to have access to education. Human trafficking is compounded when women are forcibly displaced. It makes them vulnerable to these challenges.”

She shifted her focus to refugees after spending two months in Greece as a humanitarian crisis worker. “We helped with hygiene, sanitation, emergency childcare and meal distribution for unaccompanied minors and women in the camp,” Sloan said. “We also provided socio cultural enrichment like dance and soccer for teenage boys.”

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