Service Spotlight: Volunteers of America Utah

Volunteers Of America Utah provides many services for individuals and families below the poverty line. From helping those who are homeless to get back into housing while also providing help for families on the brink of homelessness, as well as advising those struggling with addiction and mental illness. They have many programs for those in need of their services including counseling services, a men’s detoxification program, a youth resource center, a women’s resource center, young men and young women transition homes, a family counseling center, and job opportunities for women, men, and teens. 

Their work is geared towards providing a bridge to self-reliance and a healthy lifestyle for those in Utah who have lost hope. Their love and care for each one of their patients is truly beautiful. The staff is built of individuals with a longing to serve and help those who surround them. 

Although they have a staff who work tirelessly to make everything run smoothly, Volunteers of America Utah is still in need of volunteers to ensure their patients receive the care that they deserve. Volunteer opportunities include meal delivery, clerical work and mentoring. I learned about them through their mentoring program. I love to serve and am always looking for ways to serve outside of what I normally do. This is what attracted me to their organization. I promise you won’t be disappointed. The staff is so friendly and helpful! And each individual you’ll serve is incredibly grateful. 

Check out their website to see how you can help. Watch my interview with Volunteer of America Utah’s CEO below.