Service Spotlight: The Gem Foundation

The Gem Foundation creates a caring and loving environment for orphaned children with special needs and disabilities in Uganda, Africa. They currently service 40 children who have been orphaned, abandoned and abused. The children have varying disabilities including Cerebral Palsy, Hydrocephalus, Brain Trauma, Autism, Down Syndrome and Epilepsy. On a day to day basis, the children take classes, go to school, are well cared for, and fed three meals a day. The founders of The Gem Foundation do everything in their power to create a safe place for their children to learn and develop.

I had the opportunity to visit The Gem Foundation in a recent humanitarian trip to Uganda. I was fortunate to witness all of the phenomenal work that goes into giving these children the best guardianship and lives that they deserve. Each and every child is given individual care and support to be able to develop in their own way and at their own pace. The children are some of the sweetest and happiest children I’ve ever met.

The foundation was created by Emma and Joshua Quisenberry who have always had the heart to care for special needs children. Since Emma was just six years old, she had a desire to serve in Uganda. They moved and began their journey to care for the children of Uganda over five years ago. The way they nurture and embrace each of their children is quite beautiful. 

How can you help? By donating and sponsoring a child, you are able to continue the growth and effort of this amazing cause. I’ve signed up to sponsor a child and it has filled my soul with love and my life with enrichment to see the good I’ve done for my sponsor. Check them out at to see what you can do today!