Service Spotlight: Kids Who Count

Kids Who Count (KWC) is a program for pre-K students with developmental disadvantages. It is a non-profit organization whose mission is empowering to “optimize the developmental potential of their young children.” Their services include Applied Behavior Analysis services for children on the autism spectrum. 

Kids Who Count focuses on early intervention, which can be provided in the home and focuses on the child’s unique and basic needs. The practitioners coach caregivers to find learning opportunities in their daily routines. They also provide free vision and hearing screenings, family support groups and ready-to-learn workshops.

The reason Kids Who Count is an important organization to me is because my younger sister Tayxa did her early intervention with KWC for her hearing impairment. To this day you would never know that she had this developmental problem. Early intervention is so helpful to provide children with the care and resources they need from a young age to give them a better chance of learning. 

Since KWC is a non-profit, the main source of service that is needed is funding. The executive director mentioned that her goal is to have each individual in their community pledge to donate just $5 a month to help create a large impact on a child’s life. Chances are you or someone you know has been impacted and helped through early intervention. Let’s do our part to help these children succeed to the best of our abilities. Please visit their website to see where your services are needed.