Service Spotlight: Kids On The Move

Kids On The Move provides services for families all over the state to support children with special needs. Their mission is to support the development of children with developmental disadvantages through their five main services: Early Intervention, Early Head Start, the KOTM Autism Center, KOTM Respite Care, and KOTM Child & Family Mental Health. Their headquarters are held in Orem, but they service children all over Utah. 

I’ve been working with KOTM for the past 5 years. I enjoy serving in the respite center. This entails watching a child with special needs for 3 hours while their parents have the opportunity to do with that time what they need to recharge. Sometimes the 3 hours are hard, but it helps me gain a profound appreciation for their parents. Volunteering with Kids On The Move is always fun with family and friends. It’s a great way to serve and be involved in one of the great organizations in our community.

Kids On The Move provides:

  •  The early Intervention program offers services to children under age three who have developmental delays or disabilities. The team provides information and training for parents to engage their children with healthy, beneficial activities in the home, in the community and at our center.
  •  Early Head Start program serves low-income families and expectant mothers that need parenting support. They promote healthy family functioning and literacy and nurturing parent-child interaction. By creating a positive model, we help families track their children’s development and gain self-sufficiency.
  •  Autism Center addresses the needs of children with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) and similar disorders from age three and up. This program, based on ABA best practices, is individualized for each child and is a lower cost option for parents seeking additional services.
  •  Respite Care program provides temporary care of children with special needs, providing a short period of rest or relief to their usual caregivers.
  •  Child and Family Mental Health program addresses issues important to your family including depression, anxiety, ADHD, parenting, disabilities, coping with a medical diagnosis, grief, trauma, family and relationship challenges, life transitions, and more.