Miss Utah Scholarship Competition Postponed to 2021

SALT LAKE CITY (May 12, 2020)  The Miss Utah Scholarship Organization announced today that the Miss Utah Scholarship Competition scheduled to take place in August, is being postponed to June 2021. This comes following the announcement made by the Miss America Organization on Friday that the Miss America Competition would be postponed until the fourth quarter of 2021 due to the nation-wide impact of COVID-19.

“As we all know, this moment in our history is one that will change the course of many programs, businesses, and institutions, and the Miss America Organization is not alone in navigating these challenges,” said Shantel Krebs, Board Chair. “At this time, as an organization, our greatest concern is to make sure the thousands of people who are involved in or volunteer for our program are safe. This coming year will be our 100th anniversary for this iconic American institution, and we want to make sure that we take the time to ensure our annual broadcast and the surrounding experiences reflect our time-honored tradition.” 

The Miss Utah Executive Board determined that in order to keep its volunteers, participants, and their families and fans safe, it would be necessary to postpone until 2021. The board also prioritized creating an equally memorable and safe experience for the Class of 2020 candidates. 

“It was very important that our 2020 candidates would be able to have the full Miss Utah experience at the upcoming competition. With all of the changes in recent months, we weren’t positive we could still provide that. It was also crucial for our local programs to have the support they needed to feel confident moving forward with a successful competition,” said Carly Condie, Executive Director of the Miss Utah Scholarship Organization. 

Dexonna Talbot will continue her service as Miss Utah until June 2021. In the Fall, she will resume her education at the University of Utah studying ballet performance. She will also continue sharing her message of Servesteem: Increasing Self-Esteem Through Service.