Good Things Utah: Meet Miss Utah 2019

Less than 48 hours ago Dexonna Talbot was crowned the new Miss Utah 2019. She joined us in the studio this morning for her very first live TV appearance since winning the competition.

This year was not Dexonna’s first time competing in the competition. Last year she was crowned the fourth runner up as Miss Spanish Fork. She is excited to use this platform to share what is important to her. Dexonna is passionate about helping others to find fulfilling ways to serve and develop more confidence in themselves when doing it.

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1 thought on “Good Things Utah: Meet Miss Utah 2019

  1. Valerie Viers

    I was so happy to read that you are majoring in Special Ed and Ballet. My 15-year-old granddaughter has been dancing since she was 3 at the Pat Brown School of Dancing here in Jackson, Tn. She also used to be in pageants but since she joined Ballet Arts, a youth ballet company, she has just been too busy. There is a little girl in preschool that was born without part of her brain, is dyslexic and has trouble walking when she gets tired. She started dancing last year. This year she was able to dance her little number without the walker. Dance has been so good for her. Her name is Violet. She is such a sweet, beautiful little girl. I had told my granddaughter I would love to see someone start a program for children like her. I know how hard you are working and I just wanted to say THANK YOU! You are beautiful both inside and out.

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