Deseret News: Meet Sarah Sun, Miss Utah 2023 and a Latter-day Saint convert committed to serving others

Sarah Sun’s secret desire during the Miss Utah 2023 competition was to share her Latter-day Saint faith on the stage with judges and thousands others watching.

“I was praying for a chance to share my testimony,” she said. “God gave me that opportunity.”

While onstage, Sun was asked, “If you were doing an interview on live television and were asked a question that was simply too personal, how would you respond?”

Sun said that as a student at Cornell University, “a very secular and diverse institution,” she was often asked personal and even inappropriate questions about her membership in The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, but she seized the moment to share her beliefs. Not only did she make many new friends, she was elected freshman class president in a landslide.

“By being unashamed of who I was and what I believed in, I knew that truth could always prevail and touch the hearts of those who are seeking it,” she said. “I know that the light of Christ allows people to become their best selves, and I will never be ashamed of sharing that with other people.”

Sun was crowned Miss Utah at the Capitol Theatre on Saturday, June 10.

When Sun won, the other contestants swarmed around to hug her and started chanting her name. The audience joined in. She later heard from some fans that it was the most contestant-celebrated scene in decades.

“It was very humbling, a tremendous honor,” she said before thanking everyone involved.

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  1. Sharon Ranstrom

    She is an inspiration to the whole world. Everyone should pay attention to what she does, how she acts and what she represents. What a tremendous testimony. If only everyone could act and present themselves the way this young lady did. We would have no problems in this whole world.

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